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Buffett Score April 2023 Update

Spring is here, and that means allergy season. But, on a positive note, it’s the first trading day of the month, and I’ve got some exciting Buffett Score updates to share. We had four companies leaving the list, and a whopping 8(!) entering having attained that perfect Buffett Score. Let’s get those leaving the list out of the way first. Leaving One of the names leaving the list is USANA Health Services (USNA).

Buffett Score March 2023 Update

It’s March! That means it’s time for a monthly dose of Buffett wisdom. Ok, ok, just kidding about the wisdom part, but I do have some fresh new stocks for you to take a look at this month. First, some changes to the score. Changes We have changed “Shares Outstanding” to be more accepting of slight deviations. In the past, if a company had shares outstanding of, say, 100 and five years later had 100 shares outstanding, this would be a “fail.

Buffett Score February 2023 Update

Hey, welcome back! Things barely moved in January, but here in February there has been quite some shakeup with many names leaving the list and a handful joining. Let’s first take a look at those leaving, then we’ll explore the new stocks. We’ll cover performance in the middle, and then I’d like to hint at something cool I’ll be working on which you’ll hopefully see more of in March. Leaving The List CORT -> Had a period of high earnings five years ago that means it now fails the consistent earnings point.

Buffett Score January 2023 Update

Happy New Year! With the changes made to bring the Buffett Score back, I expected things to settle down quite a bit. Settle down, they did. There are very few changes this month, mainly because few companies actually report during December so things are rather static. No more waffling though, let’s talk updates. There was one new stock added to the list this month, and two removed. Let’s start with Smith & Wesson Brands (SWBI).

Using PEG to Build a Buffett Portfolio

One of the amazing things about sharing work on places like Reddit is that you get a wide variety of people taking a look. On the December Buffett Score update, there was one comment asking about using the price-to-earnings-growth (PEG) ratio to select a basket of stocks from the Buffett list to invest in. Well, I haven’t back tested it, but this post is going to be part of the tracking for keeping an eye on this strategy going forward.

Buffett Score December 2022 Update

It’s TIME! The new and improved Buffett Score is here. Things are cleaner, my code runs faster, and it’s a much smoother process to get things done. So, without further adieu, here is December 2022’s Buffett Score update. 33 Stocks There are 33 stocks that make the list. This is quite the drop from the last time the score was run, mainly due to a changing economic environment. For example, one element of the score is that a stock must have an earnings yield greater than the ten year treasury rate.

The Buffett Score Is Back

It’s been a while, I know. So how about an explanation of why this site has remained in a static state for almost a year. It all comes down to cost. The Buffett Score’s data provider changed how much things cost, and when you’re trying to process the data for 6,000+ equities, the pricing soon explodes. Without much free time due to switching jobs, finding a new data source became an endeavor that was pushed to the wayside.

February 2022 Buffett Stocks

Hey everyone! The markets were wild in January so there’s been lots of shakeup in the Buffett Score universe. If you want to see the full list of stocks, I won’t keep you waiting, simply click this big blue button and you’ll see all the stocks that currently have a perfect score. For those new, welcome! Each month the list of stocks that can be seen on the homepage are updated to include the companies that meet all criteria listed on the about page.

January 2022 Buffett Stocks

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s your monthly update to the Buffett Score. First off, I want to say a big thank you for joining the mailing list. I have a request though… if you are interested in more scores like this, please let me know by clicking the button below, or by emailing I am going to be putting together new scores and I’m wondering exactly what this community is looking for.

December 2021 Buffett Stocks

The months fly by don’t they? It’s December, so it’s time for the monthly update here on For those new, welcome! Each month the list of stocks that can be seen on the homepage are updated to include the companies that meet all criteria listed on the about page. This post contains all of the stocks that have either joined or left the mix. New Buffett Score Stocks For December Alright, let’s start with the positive.

Breaking Things Down - How Many Companies Pass Each Check

The Buffett Score is only a couple of months old, but we’ve seen a recurring theme in the questions asked about how it works. In a series of upcoming blog posts we’ll break down those questions. Today, we’re starting with a breakdown of the Buffett Score. A common query is “how many stocks pass this checklist?” It’s definitely a valid query. There are nine checks - or criteria - we consider for the Buffett Score.

November 2021 Buffett Stocks

Hello, and welcome back to another issue of The Buffett Score. It’s already November, can you believe it? There were quite a few new stocks finding their way onto the list this month. These all came about due to the recent deluge of earnings. To make these updates as easy as possible to read we’re going to list the changes right here up top. A full listing of high-quality stocks that meet the Buffett Criteria will be at the bottom.

October 2021 Buffett Stocks

Welcome to the very first edition of Buffett Stocks. This is a score that we’ve been keeping track of for months now, but thought it was probably about time to start sharing with the world. This month, we’ll just be posting the list of stocks that meet all nine criteria outlined in our about page. Going forward, we’ll call out newcomers to the list as well as stocks that have dropped off.