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The months fly by don’t they? It’s December, so it’s time for the monthly update here on

For those new, welcome! Each month the list of stocks that can be seen on the homepage are updated to include the companies that meet all criteria listed on the about page. This post contains all of the stocks that have either joined or left the mix.

New Buffett Score Stocks For December

Alright, let’s start with the positive. Here are the new stocks this month on

  • CRUS - Cirrus Logic
  • CRVL - CorVel Corporation
  • EMR - Emerson Electric
  • EVR - Evercore
  • GNRC - Generac Holdings
  • HCKT - The Hackett Group
  • ITW - Illinois Tool Works
  • LFVN - LifeVantage Corporation
  • LH - Laboratory Corporation of America
  • ODFL - Old Dominion Freight Line
  • STLD - Steel Dynamics
  • TPL - Texas Pacific Land
  • WOR - Worthington Industries

Off the bat, some of these stocks did leave the list this month and now they’re back. This is due to pricing of the stock and the expected rate of return. I am considering tweaking these pricing aspects a little bit to hopefully avoid this yo-yoing in future.

The most interesting name on the list? That has to go to LifeVantage (LFVN). The company has a market cap of just $87M. It’s so small I’m almost certain the readers of this newsletter could stage a hostile takeover (I kid, of course, this looks like an MLM which I’d prefer to steer clear of).

Stocks Removed From the List

Now for those leaving the list. There’s a handful, and as we’ve seen, they could make a resurgence next month. Again, I want to look into ways of preventing this, but for the time being it’s a weakness in the checklist.

  • AVY - Avery Dennison
  • CERN - Cerner Corporation
  • EGRX - Eagle Pharmaceuticals
  • HII - Huntington Ingalls Industries
  • HUM - Humana
  • MGA - Magna International
  • MPX - Marine Products
  • PETS - PetMed Express
  • ROK - Rockwell Automation
  • ROL - Rollins
  • XLNX - Xilinx

I recently wrote about Huntington Ingalls Industries on Seeking Alpha. It’s an interesting company that’s now no longer a part of the list due to debts no longer being covered by net income. It’s not a major issue, but certainly something to be aware of as an investor.

Questions, Feedback?

If you have questions or feedback about this score, please reach out. The email address you can reach us at is in the footer below. Your questions and feedback will drive how this score is presented in the future.


Also, there’s a newsletter. Once a month I send out the updates you see above. Think of it as a great way to discover new high-quality stocks. You can sign up for the newsletter at the very bottom of this page (after this long list of stocks that we’re about to see).

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